My name is Derek Smith and I’m the primary Strategic Consultant at Word.

For the entirety of my professional career, I’ve been a representative and spokesperson for clients, organizations and campaigns around the world – with over 15 years in travel and public relations.

Word. is how I share my skills.

With easy-flow collaborations, I provide valuable insight to unseen opportunities in communications and community-building.

As a high-energy communicator, I effectively amplify. To keep my own interests alive – I choose projects I’m proud to be part of.

Let’s create.

What are People Saying?

"Derek brings a tremendous amount of energy and creativity to the community. He's an excellent writer and helped me draft important business and marketing communications. He's quite fun to work with and he really did a great job engaging our community!"
"Working with Word. was a pure delight! Together, we co-hosted several mastermind sessions for my community and Derek has the natural ability to deliver in a very entertaining, engaging, and professional way. His humour, no-nonsense attitude, and understanding of what my community needs makes him the perfect collaborator. We experienced outstanding written and verbal communication skills every step of the way."
"Derek is a very passionate community professional, thanks to his engaging personality and his exceptional skills at establishing partnerships to make big things happen. We had the opportunity to work together on several projects and I fully recommend him for whatever community project comes up!”
"Word. worked in our radio operation at Happy Radio 98.5 FM in Chiang Mai. We found our experience to be a breath of fresh air. Always positive, energetic and keen to learn new skills. Derek’s content and preparation was well above the standards required. He was involved with the local community and conducted his approach in an excellent manner."
"Derek is hands-down one of the most energetic people I've ever met! His enthusiasm and positivity always ripple to the people around him. I've had the chance to get involved with him through various projects, including running multiple large-scaled events in the startup and entrepreneurial community, as well as opening experiences with SiliconBali. I'd personally & professionally recommend him for his community building & creative leadership. In addition to all that, just a very positive and thoughtful personality!"
“It was a pleasure to work with Word. and for Derek to handle our Communications and Community-building at iglu [...] he’s very skilled in his thinking and problem solving.”
“It's fantastic to work with Derek, who is an exceptional motivator. His hands-on approach to coaching, motivating and consulting, combined with his powerful personality, were the right ingredients in solving my needs! Word. is dedicated, methodical and very capable. Plus, Derek is an inspiring person to be around!"
“Our community is significantly enhanced by Derek’s participation. He’s a remarkable communicator and a key part of our success!”
“I met and had the first-hand opportunity to admire Derek's gift at community building during our mutual stint at Iglu in Thailand. I have a deep respect for Derek's skills and seasoned experience. He's a talented individual and a master of communication, I highly recommend him to others.”
“Derek is an essential part of our community! We at Woke Folks Festival would not have had the level of success without him. He has the knowledge and an unmistakable electric energy to engage with the very best people."
"Word. has a penchant for delivering results. Derek is an excellent writer who is exceptional at blending the technique of copywriting, the knowledge of product and the business intelligence on how to position it all to prospective clients. We're excited to keep working together and see what the future holds, especially for our future endeavours!"

Communications Strategy + One-on-One Training =
Customized Community Engagement