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About Us

My name is Derek Smith and I’m your primary collaborator at Word.

For the entirety of my professional career, I’ve been a representative and spokesperson for clients and organizations around the world. My voice is one of my primary attributes and it serves me well as an advocate for the work and ideas of influential people.

Word is how I share my skills with top performers throughout the world.

As a high-energy communicator, I effectively amplify projects and organizations. To keep my own interests alive – I only choose activities I’m proud to be part of.

Through collaboration, coaching and conversation, I provide valuable insight to shine light on unseen opportunities, both on the creative and business side of your next big venture.

I look forward to exploring your ideas.

Let's connect...

Derek Smith is the primary Strategic Consultant at Word, using his talents to shape interesting ideas & content for clients and digital professionals around the world. He often recruits and leads the collaborative execution of talented consultants underneath the Word Creative Consultants banner, which includes writers, producers, strategists, and content creators.