right brain to your business' left brain

We guide investors, writers and producers to create imaginative solutions through skilled collaboration.

Vision & Representation

Word leads you to create clear visions and develop goal-oriented plans, pitches/proposals, scripts, storyboards and creative content. When required, our skills of negotiation and professional representation make a great asset to your organization.

  • Vision, guidance and support
  • Trusted collaboration
  • Representation and negotiation

Imagination & Strategic Thinking

As multi-faceted creators, we use vivid imagination and decades of experience to create original solutions. We seek to understand and through strategic thinking we distill what you say to bring your creation to life.

  •  Knowledgeable minds and proven collaborative skills
  •  Disciplined thinking & experience
  • Guidance toward your creation’s success

Creative & Professional Writing

Word offers creative writing, copyediting and proofreading services. We build, review and collaborate on written materials – Both professional and creative.

  • Development of original written materials suited to your specific requirements
  • Editing and proofreading of written material, on a per-project-basis